04. The nature of wedding gigs and providing background music

Although we love to see a full and lively dancefloor during our party sets, we get equally as much pleasure from playing laid back, intimate, acoustic live-lounge style sets. When playing the music during a wedding ceremony or breakfast, we really do feel that we are contributing something very special to the most important day of our client’s lives. It makes us immensely proud that people place such a huge amount of trust in us. These are pivotal moments within any wedding day and we will never tire of performing at times such as these. Likewise, with wedding breakfasts: we are primarily there to provide backing music but we love performing these sets and again we really appreciate the fact that people are willing to allow us to contribute something positive and truly memorable at such special times.


The simplicity of our set-up at these times is also something we really enjoy. Whilst our party set is energetic and fun, we love the stripped-back approach of the acoustic sets. There is a purity and intimacy when performing with just vocals and acoustic guitar which cannot be replicated at any other time. This approach compliments the ‘day time’ proceedings perfectly; a view which is obviously shared by many of our previous clients as these sets are equally as popular as our party sets. We find it really fulfilling and reassuring when we receive comments from clients such as ‘Your amazing singing throughout the afternoon made us feel like we were part of an awesome movie! You were an absolute delight to deal with right from the start, you accommodated all our song choices and your excitement for our day made us look forward to it even more.’, and ‘Your two contrasting sets were stunning and were a real highlight for us – all the songs were fantastic but the ones you learned especially for us during your laid-back set were beautiful’ as it shows that clients enjoy listening to these sets as much as we enjoy performing them. The comment ‘You arrived as our band and you left as our friends’ is perhaps our favourite to date!


Finally, we love the fact that these sets allow us to perform completely different set-lists to our party set (apart from a few notable exceptions). Whilst we maintain our primary aim to play something for everyone from across the decades & genres, these sets allow us to play classic love songs, ballads and laid-back tunes in addition to a few ‘live lounge’ style covers which are a little left-of-centre but are always very well received. We spend a significant amount of time selecting our sets and we really value the opportunity to mix things up in this way.


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Becci and Mick

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