05. Pricing Structures

This is the first of three blog posts which will address the issue of pricing (either directly or indirectly). As discussed in a previous post, we like to think of ourselves as easy-going people, so we don’t mind admitting that we find this our biggest headache / hardest element to address. It is also a very important subject to address as pricing is quite often the elephant in the room when discussing what we do. We have had many conversations where people have taken a genuine interest in what Lux Bay is all about yet the same people have admitted at a later stage that they were interested to know what we charge but were reluctant to ask! We hope this post goes some way to addressing that and clarifying our approach.


We both have previous experience of playing in bands so determining pricing structures wasn’t alien to us. Upon forming Lux Bay, we designed specific packages which enabled us to put defined pricing structures in place. Whilst the amount of time spent playing is the primary factor when defining the pricing, it isn’t the only thing we consider. We’ll address this further in the next two blog posts but there are many other elements which contribute to this. When we first started out we debated long and hard about our pricing structure. We have a good idea what other comparable acts charge and we ultimately decided to offer competitive prices but not so low as to cast doubt in the minds of potential clients. Whilst we offer defined prices for our packages (often discounted at wedding fayres if you ever have an opportunity to see us!), we will certainly mix and match packages and prices to offer a truly bespoke service, should you require it. We also offer reduced prices when packages are combined (certainly when compared to the individual package prices).


Additionally, we would like to clarify our approach in a couple of areas which we feel strongly about. Firstly, our standard pricing packages apply everywhere we play. We know that there are some acts who vary their pricing structures based on where they are playing (i.e. increasing them for bookings in areas which are considered to be affluent) though this is something we never do. We take great pride in our integrity and this is an approach we absolutely would not be comfortable in adopting. Secondly, we never take two bookings in the same evening. For instance, if you were to book our early-evening set, we would never take another booking for later in the evening and rush through the earlier set. Once again, this goes against our core values and would not sit at all comfortably with us.


Thanks again for reading. Please look out for the next two blogs which will continue to address this (and similar) themes.


Becci and Mick

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