08. Covers vs originals

An age-old debate amongst musicians, the decision of whether to perform covers or original songs was an easy choice for us! Mick has a desire to write his own songs and has bits of ideas for lyrics and chord progressions scribbled down on various post-it notes, in notepads and in many files on his laptop. However, those ideas haven’t yet made it into fully formed songs. The reason for this? Quite simply, the type of entertainment we provide needs to be instantly recognisable. If we were to set up at a wedding or private function and play our own songs, even if only a couple within a set otherwise consisting of covers, we would be severely short-changing our clients.


We sell ourselves as playing a wide range of music (genres and decades) which everyone will know. We want to see people smile when we play the opening bars of a song they love. We want people to fill the dancefloor when we play our party set. We want to play songs within our wedding breakfast set which bring back precious and heartfelt memories for people. We want our clients to recommend us to others. Our chances of achieving all of the above are greatly enhanced by playing cover versions.


Please don’t take this post as a Lux Bay attack on self-penned compositions. There are many great amateur music acts out there playing fantastic original tunes and we wish them all the best of luck. There is certainly a market for originals – how else would new acts be signed to record labels and release the number one hits of tomorrow? It’s just that we believe that our clients expect and prefer cover versions of classic songs from across the years, hence that’s what we deliver.


Once again, thanks for reading. We really would welcome your thoughts on this topic – please do get in touch and let us know what you think.


Becci and Mick


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